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Glen Zook gzook at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 10 11:01:13 PDT 2011

That is absolutely true in that any, at least any non-profane, word can be used as a phonetic.  However, readily recognizable words definitely work better.  That is why there are standard phonetic alphabets including the ICAO and APCO.  In the world of working DX geographical names have become a defacto standard phonetic alphabet.

Now when working your friends on a local FM repeater, then "funny phonetics" are fine since they know who you are.

The late Jack Camp, W5HS, used to say "Whiskey Five Horse . . . . . . Shoe" when working locals.  But, when he was working DX he used "Washington Five Honolulu Spain".

Glen, K9STH

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(2) By a phone emission in the English language. Use of {a phonetic alphabet} as an aid for correct station identification is encouraged;
So we can use any form of word to letter that is necessary to ID a ham station There is no set legal phonetic alphabet in place per the FCC part 97  I can legaly say HOT FRIDAY NIGHT for HFN and it is ok. Also no one can require you to use a certian phonetic alphabeton the ham bands , it can be requested but not required

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