[amsat-bb] Re: Full Duplex as a Single Channel on a HT

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Fri Apr 8 21:40:22 PDT 2011

The Alinco DJ-G5 will do so.  I think that the Yaesu FT-470 did too, but 
it's been so long since I owned that radio that I can't say for certain.

George, KA3HSW

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Full Duplex as a Single Channel on a HT

> Do any of the current or classic "satellite" HT's (FT-51R, IC-W32A, etc)
> allow you to create a single channel with a FM bird rx/tx pair in full
> duplex?
> I.e. I turn one knob and get   435.310  145.875
>                                {click}      435.300  145.880
>                                {click}      435.290  145.885
> I could do this with the 20 DUP channels on the Ft-100D.
> Even though the IC-W32A has two "knobs", it looks like (from the manual)
> only one can be in memory mode at one time, so TX would be in VFO mode,
> and the other would be in channel mode. Is this correct?
> So for each change (AOS, MID, LOS), I have to turn both knobs
> one click, correct? Even if I can have memories on both sides,
> I still have to turn both knobs -- If so, why wouldn't I just use a
> VX-170/VX-177 pair of HT's, and turn both knobs?
> I can program my DJ-V5 to have the "odd split" (TX144/RX432)
> single knob channels, but of course, it is not full duplex.
> Bill  W1PA

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