[amsat-bb] Full Duplex as a Single Channel on a HT

Bill W1PA w1pa at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 8 12:09:35 PDT 2011

Do any of the current or classic "satellite" HT's (FT-51R, IC-W32A, etc)
allow you to create a single channel with a FM bird rx/tx pair in full 

I.e. I turn one knob and get   435.310  145.875
                                {click}      435.300  145.880
                                {click}      435.290  145.885

I could do this with the 20 DUP channels on the Ft-100D.

Even though the IC-W32A has two "knobs", it looks like (from the manual)
only one can be in memory mode at one time, so TX would be in VFO mode,
and the other would be in channel mode. Is this correct?

So for each change (AOS, MID, LOS), I have to turn both knobs
one click, correct? Even if I can have memories on both sides,
I still have to turn both knobs -- If so, why wouldn't I just use a
VX-170/VX-177 pair of HT's, and turn both knobs?

I can program my DJ-V5 to have the "odd split" (TX144/RX432)
single knob channels, but of course, it is not full duplex.

Bill  W1PA


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