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Glenn AA5PK aa5pk at suddenlink.net
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Yes.  It happens frequently.

>From the VUCC rules:

Stations who claim to operate from more than one grid locator simultaneously (i.e., from the boundary between two grid 
locators or from the intersection of four grid locators) must be physically present in all locators to give multiple locator 
credit with a single contact. These stations should be prepared to validate their claim. For a mobile station, this means 
parking the vehicle exactly on the line or corner. For a portable station, this means that the total area occupied by the 
station's physical setup, including operating position(s), power source(s), and antenna(s), must  occupy some portion of each 
of the two/four grid squares simultaneously. Operators of boundary/corner stations should be prepared to provide evidence of 
meeting the simultaneous occupation test if called upon to do so. Two photographs - one showing the placement of the GPS 
receiver in the station setup, and a close-up legibly showing the GPS reading - are typically needed as evidence of 
compliance. Video footage showing an overview of the operating site and then, uncut and in real time, zooming in on the GPS 
display coordinates is even better.

Glenn AA5PK

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> Can you be in at once? I mean we are pretty small on the scale of things, so how can you give out more than one grid square 
> at a time?? I mean really, I hear it all the time. What do you do, put your antenna on one grid square, run some coax over 
> and set your radio up on the other grid? Ok boys, hear is DM09 and DM08!!! Her - ert duh, how about I drive to where the 
> four corners of four grids meet, stand right in the middle of that and give out all four of them at once?
> Is this how it is done. Just does not seem right to me, seems like cheating. Seriously...Is there not some kind of rules or 
> something?
> I think I will leave it at that before I get too offensive.
> Kevin
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