[amsat-bb] QRM on HO-68 on 20:57 UTC pass over UK

P.H. bbjunkie at f2s.com
Wed Nov 10 16:00:36 PST 2010

Alan BA1DU et al,

While monitoring HO-68 with my RFSpace SDR-IP on the 20:57 UTC pass
tonight at the lower end of the passband I was very surprised to see
what looked like a FM signal. After tuning in I am able to hear
someone with what sounds like an English accent! It was definitley
coming from the satellite, as it was affected by the same doppler
shift as the SSB signals coming from it.

It sounds like the users in question have no idea they are causing
QRM, they certainly aren't calling satellite, however do sound like
amateurs and not pirates or commercial traffic. Taking doppler into
account on the downlink, I calculate that the users were transmitting
around about 145.925MHz

Did anyone else notice this?

I have an IQ recording, if anyone is interested in having a look I
could try to shrink it small enough to send - there are no callsigns
at any time during the short 5 minute recording. Also, my receive
antenna doesn't currently track, so the signal is quite weak for most
of the pass.



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