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John, thank you for my cards and for all your hard work on these expeditions
!!! Truly a gracious effort on your part

73, Ted, K7TRK

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All contacts made during my Lake Superior Grid Expedition
have been confirmed direct by mail.  It was quite a project
but it is finally finished.  This includes both USA and DX
contacts.  TI2SW was the first contact made during the expedition
from Tawas, MI (EN84FG) on August 3d.  KI4RDT was the last contact
logged from Ludington, MI (EN63UW) on September 7th. 2069 qso's
were made on 168 passes.  There were about 317 unique callsigns when
the /p's etc. were removed. 32 grids were activated.  We operated from
97 unique 6 character grid locators. (All qsl cards included the 6 character
locator to pin down our location more accurately).

Paper logs were transferred to an excel spreadsheet so there are
possibilities for errors.  If you believe you made a contact and
did not receive a confirmation (and it's a new grid for you), please
email me with the contact particulars and I'll check the logs and/or
the recordings available.

I want to thank all of those who sent a donation to help with the costs
of the qsl's and mailing.  Some sent stamps, both green and USPS types.
It was very much appreciated.  It was great to get on a pass and hear
all of the stations waiting to work me.  I hope that you got through and
worked the grids you needed.  Sometimes we just couldn't stay very long
in a particular spot but we did our best.

Please think about operating the birds when you are away from home.  Many
grids are not represented on the birds regularly so when you do travel,
someone may need the grid you are in.  If you want your grid map listed on
my website, either create an image using the program (details are on the
website) or simply send me a list of your grids confirmed and/or worked
in a text file with one 4 character grid per line.

There are about 750 audio recordings of satellite passes on my website
now.  We should have over 1000 by the end of the year.  It's a great way
to hear what you sound like on the birds. It's also a good way for the new
people to hear what the birds sound like so they know what to expect when
they try to make their first contact.  Please spread the word.


John K8YSE

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