[amsat-bb] Re: Schedule for today for AA5UK/KH6 BL02ic>>> No Joy on 05:20 UTC FO-29 pass

Adrian Engele aa5uk at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 29 22:38:11 PDT 2010

I was just on the 05:20 UTC pass with great coverage over Alaska, Part of western VE and 1/3 of Western CONUS.
Not a single taker for BL02 Hawaii. I know there are many of you that need HI for their WAS. I know it is late on your end, but if I can make the effort so can you.

I just want to make sure there are people out there reading the AMSAT BB when I will be operating otherwise I will not spend time getting on the air. 

Ultimately I am on vacation and making the effort when I have the time.

73, Adrian AA5UK/KH6 BL02ic

From: Adrian Engele <aa5uk at yahoo.com>
To: AMSAT-BB at amsat.org
Sent: Mon, March 29, 2010 2:45:51 PM
Subject: Schedule for today for AA5UK/KH6 BL02ic


We had some torrential rains and very heavy wind this morning. There was no way for me to operate the 3/29/2010 15:57 UTC AO7 pass. We are expecting more heavy wind all day but the rains have at least stopped. Essentially there has been heavy rain every morning but today was the worst. Think of going through a car wash.

Here is my operational schedule for today
3/30/2010 All times UTC

CONUS contacts:
FO-29 @ 03:38 UTC
FO-29 @ 05:20 UTC
VO-52 @ 06:15 UTC

JA contacts:
I will have a partial pass to JA during FO-29 pass at 07:07 UTC. I will be looking for JA 's on SSB only. 
I can only make about half the pass as I have a house in the way but I will try. There are some mountains in the distance but the satellite may be able to clear them. I guess we will just have to try and see.

All for now. Going to get some rest since I am on vacation.

I am starting to look at the HO-68 schedule to see what opportunities open up in the coming days.

Aloha, Adrian AA5UK/KH6

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