[amsat-bb] Re: WOUXUN Radio

Andy MacAllister w5acm at swbell.net
Sat Mar 27 22:40:00 PDT 2010

There are apparently some mods available to modify the xmit audio. I haven't 
tried them yet, but I found the 2M/70cm HT very sensitive on AO-51 reception 
with only the standard whip antenna. I hope to do some experiments with one 
of these non-full-duplex HTs as a RCVR and another as a XMTR - very cheap 
full duplex.. I would like to try them on my Arrow antenna with the diplexer 
removed. They seem to be nicely constructed for HTs from China, and due to 
the extremely wide frequency coverage, will not need any mods on that front.

73 de Andy W5ACM

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>> They are quite popular but I doubt they do anything "very well".
>> On 27-Mar-10 13:04, Gary "Joe" Mayfield wrote:
>> > Has anyone bought and played with one of these ultra cheap WOUXUN dual 
>> > band
>> > hand helds that are selling on eBay?  Do they hear well enough for 
>> > satellite
>> > operation?
>> >
>> > 73,
>> > Joe kk0sd
> I was told the TX audio is very low and some tweaking is necessary.
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