[amsat-bb] logging Sat contacts...??

K7TRK k7trkradio at charter.net
Sat Mar 27 10:07:05 PDT 2010

I recently received the following comment from a contact that I made:

"Hello Ted,

eQSL does not provide the option to enter separate transmit and receive frequencies/bands for cases where a station is operating cross-band such as with satellite, so the transmit frequency should be used to select the QSO band.  

eQSL does provide the user the option to enter a "SAT band" (ie. SAT J, SAT B, etc...) instead of choosing the band directly, this automatically picks the correct band for the user and is based on the uplink frequency (transmit frequency).  The eQSL ADIF import specification found at URL http://www.eqsl.cc/qslcard/ADIFContentSpecs.cfm clearly shows that Mode J (V/U) Satellite translates to the 2m band (the "uplink" frequency), and Mode B (U/V) Satellite translates to 70cm, etc... proving that the transmit frequency should be used to select the QSO band.

It is a common eQSL mistake to enter the wrong band for satellite contacts (and also to enter incorrect mode ie. "FM" instead of "FM (SAT).)"  Many do not pay attention to the details and just accept eQSL's they receive based on callsign, date, and time without thinking about the band or mode that applies to a specific contact."

I am curious as to what difference it makes whether the contact is logged as TX or RX. I have a TS2000 and HRD picks up the log info from the main VFO I believe, which is going to be the RX side. The info is then sent to logbook and automatically uploaded to eQSL. I'm not to concerned whether or not eQSL figures it out, but I would like LoTW to be correct and cards for VUDXX.

so does it matter??

Thanks, Ted 

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