[amsat-bb] Re: FT-726 automatic Doppler control?

Clive Wallis list1 at g3cwv.co.uk
Thu Mar 25 02:30:48 PDT 2010

I've done this very thing!  I published details in OSCAR News 184, 
December 2008, page

It uses a very cheap PICAXE 08M chip, which interfaces via the COM port 
on the main computer. The program on the PICAXE is trivial. The 
difficult part of the project was to interface the COM port with 
SatExploer tracking program. I've no idea what would be involved with 
other tracking programs.

A temporary package containing the source codes for both parts are on my 
website www.g3cwv.co.uk/doppler.htm

I can e-mail a copy of the original article & circuits if needed.

BTW I've got a related question about doppler tracking which I'll raise 
in a separate thread.

73     Clive    G3CWV

Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK

Ryan Caron wrote:
> Anybody ever rig up automatic doppler tuning to a FT-726? Without a
> CI-V interface (or equivalent) the best idea I can think of is
> splicing a microcontroller in to push the up, down, and maybe the
> fast buttons on the microphone during a pass.
> Then I'd just have to dial in the initial frequency before the pass
> starts.
> 73, Ryan KB1LKI AMSAT #37207

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