[amsat-bb] XE2/KI6YAA Trip to BAJA

Larry Teran ki6yaa at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 16:13:30 PDT 2010

I like to thank all the station that contacted me, I now know the excitement
operating as a rover station and the pleasure to activate not so usual
grids. the operation of the satellite station was a secondary factor on this
trip but I would like to thanks Ricardo Perez for his support chasing the
grid boundaries, who were not so easy as we were using dirt roads that are
designated for the Baja 1000 off road racers.

Gonzaga's Bay  is one of the most beautiful and pristine destinations in
Baja. The fact that it is so difficult to get to has a lot to do with its
slow growth. Bahia de Gonzaga is approximately 100 miles south of San
Felipe and
about 48 tough miles south of Puertecitos. The road south from Puertecitos
has long had a reputation for being one of the worst roads in Baja. Despite
a new 18 kilometers of scenic highway with view points recently constructed,
this road is still very intimidating to all but the most seasoned Baja
travelers. In a near future they will continue with the construction all the
way down to Bahia de los Angeles, which will make the access more easy and
activation of those grids will occur more often.

I was using an Icom Z1A dual band full duplex with squirrel microphone
connected to a power jump start battery to get the radio,s full 5 watts and
an Arrow antenna both mounted on a tripod and the K7AGE's  bracket, sat
predictions printed from orbitron. Also the equipment consist of some
Margaritas and Shrimp.

I operate from DL29,DM20 and DM21.

If you contacted me please send me an email to ki6yaa at amsat.org for QSL
request, I should be printing them soon.

73,s  Larry KI6YAA

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