[amsat-bb] Re: Devices in Icom preamps AG-25 AG-35

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Fri Mar 19 06:18:26 PDT 2010

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> Hello Domenico,
>   I am not sure if you can help. I have been emailing Keps in Italy for
> weeks with no
> reply. I have a preamp that needs fixing.. I was wondering how far away
> you
> live from Keps??
> There is no phone number listed.
> http://www.keps.it/
> Any ideas how to get a hold of them??
> My unit is a :
>   2.4 GHz dual  IF  low noise downconverter
> 13LNC72-DB
> 73 de Angelo

Hi Angelo, N5UXT
Keps was near Milano about 800 km away from me in Napoli.

They were interested to sell downconverters when AO40 was alive
and well.

Nobody is actually able to communicate with Keps nor by phone
or email so that I  "believe" that they are anymore in business !

If  I have more detailed informations I will write to you.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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