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On 16 Mar 2010 at 12:45, Jack Barbera wrote:

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> Bob,with the AG25 preamp on I see s5/6. I do get the audio at a higher level ,it seems to me,.
> Just added to AO-51 the L/u to my doppler for satpac32 FM/FM to add for cross mode do I have to add a separate line or add to the info on the FM/FM string.
> If anyone can figure out what my ? is pls let me know what has to be done.
> ThanksJack WA1ZDV 

I also have both Icom AG preamps U and V After blowing two in 3 months i finally ended up with the AG and they are still working after 2 
years now. As someone suggest it will be nice to have some figures to be able to have an idea of their performance.

I don't know how the others react but on my FT-847 i got an increased of 5 DB on the noise when i switched it on on VHF and nearly no 
signal increased on UHF but the amplification is there as when i got no signal at AOS without it and a S-1 to S-2 with the preamp is ON.?

Without the presence of a signal on UHF i cannot tell if the preamp is on or off just by looking at the meter and even when listening the 
noise i cannot tell if the preamp is switched on? 


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