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Sorry, forgot to attach the photo link: 

John W6ZKH 

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To my AMSAT friends........as some already know, I am having to move from this QTH, where I had unrestricted antenna locations, but, having to move into a fairly new subdivision , I dont have the room for these antennas. Looks like I am going to be restricted on an Arrow on a RS Tripod at 6 ft. Anyway, I have these older KLM Cross Polarized yagi's with Polarity Switchers, the 2M-14CP and 435-18CP at the unbelievable price of $100 !! I paid $200 for them last year. One stipulation though.....ah ha, here it comes........you have to pick them up, no shipping, ASAP . The 2M can be broken down into 3 sections and the 435 into 2, so a pickup can haul them. I live South of Fresno, in the middle of California (sorry)... These yagi's have been working well for me at an height of 15 ft above ground and the Polarity Switching works great, especially on FO-29. 

If you or you know of anyone looking for a great setup for the birds, contact me ASAP , so we can set time/date. Attached is a picture of them in the air........sorry, the AZ/EL system doesnt go with it... 

Contact me at 559-737-3411 

John W6ZKH 

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