[amsat-bb] Business trip may allow some fairly rare grids

Gary "Joe" Mayfield gary_mayfield at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 14 09:00:05 PDT 2010

            I’ll be headed North and West this week and may have the chance
to hand out some fairly rare ones with my FT-470 and trusty Arrow antenna.
This is a business trip and business comes first!  None of these times/grids
are guaranteed in anyway.  I hope operate the following (all times in UTC)


22:30 3/15/2010 -- Until 13:00 3/16/2010 (I have to sleep too) from DN67 or
68 (Any Preference?)


1:00 3/17/2010 -- Until 12:00 3/17/2010 from DN68 (I have to sleep too)


1:00 3/18/2010 -- Until 13:00 3/18/2010 from DN55 (I know Billings is not
that rare)


22:30 3/18/2010 -- Until 12:00 3/19/2010 from DN 66 or 76 (Any Preference?)


After 12:00 UTC on 3/19/2010 I may show up from any one of the following
grids for a single pass on the way home (DN76, DN86, DN85, or DN95).


I hope work won’t interfere with my play too much during the evening, but
there is always the chance that a meeting just continues on through dinner
and into the night.  In that case I will not be on.



Joe kk0sd


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