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Louis House, KD5GM kd5gm at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 12 14:17:14 PST 2010

Hi Jacob,
>From my point of view and short time experience, The description of your proposed set up would yield favorable results.   I am using an 11 element 2m yagi and a 432 16 element both mounted vertically (with az/el). most of my worked passes are in the 10 to 35 degree range and the signals are fairly good and readable most of the time.  Working the Birds without optimum conditions is still a ton of fun. 
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From: "Jacob Tennant" <k8jwt at comcast.net>
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Hello everyone,

I have a antenna setup question as I am new to satellite operations
so please bear with me...

I have a 2meter beam and a 70cm beam from my former adventures into
VHF weak signal operations and was wondering about using them for satellite

Was thinking that since I don't have a az/el rotator yet, if I set
them up on a single cross-boom with the TV rotator I have now, angle them
with the elements at 45 degree angles and the booms angled 30 to 40 degrees
front end up I might be able to get some decent ability into the FM
satellites (AO51, SO50, AO27, ISS).

I already have the good coax for them (LMR-400) and a duplexor for
my FT-857D. Was going to try to install the antennas on top of my storage
building with a height of approx. 16 feet. That's the highest structure I
can get onto that belongs to me.

Any alternate ideas or advice is always welcome as I said before this is all
new to me.

Jacob Tennant - K8JWT
Morgantown,WV  FM09ap

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