[amsat-bb] Antenna setup

Jacob Tennant k8jwt at comcast.net
Thu Mar 11 17:32:20 PST 2010

Hello everyone,

	I have a antenna setup question as I am new to satellite operations
so please bear with me...

	I have a 2meter beam and a 70cm beam from my former adventures into
VHF weak signal operations and was wondering about using them for satellite

	Was thinking that since I don't have a az/el rotator yet, if I set
them up on a single cross-boom with the TV rotator I have now, angle them
with the elements at 45 degree angles and the booms angled 30 to 40 degrees
front end up I might be able to get some decent ability into the FM
satellites (AO51, SO50, AO27, ISS).

	I already have the good coax for them (LMR-400) and a duplexor for
my FT-857D. Was going to try to install the antennas on top of my storage
building with a height of approx. 16 feet. That's the highest structure I
can get onto that belongs to me.

Any alternate ideas or advice is always welcome as I said before this is all
new to me.

Jacob Tennant - K8JWT
Morgantown,WV  FM09ap

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