[amsat-bb] Yaesu VX-7R

Robert Smith dukenuke at pixi.com
Wed Mar 10 13:30:16 PST 2010


Re: the VX-7R: Mine is programmed for 
all the FM birds. 

I use 5 steps for Doppler at 5KHz intervals; 
2 before and 2 after the central frequency.

To program these, I goto VFO and program
the first downlink. For instance 436.805 MHz
for SO-50. No tone is necessary here. I then
hold the "MON" down for the next avail memory
and click "MON" again to store. I do this sequentially 
for the next 4 "doppler" frequencies. So 
SO50 might be in memory banks 1, 2, 3, 4, and

In order to facilitate the odd split WITH TONE,
I go back to VFO and enter 145.850 MHz
and go into the set key (MON SET) in order
to attach a 67.0 Hz tone to the 145.850.
It is not necessary to change uplinks for

At this point I simply I PTT out of the VFO 
frequency and hold down the MON key 
again. A flashing * will indicate which 
memory channel is active. I immediately 
scroll back with the tuning knob to the 
first memory channel, ie 1. Push the 
PTT and MON simaltaneiously and you
have now storied your uplink 2 meter
frequency (with tone) onto channel 1 
wihich also has your AOS  downlink frequency.

Repeat this procedure 4 more times. 

So when you goto Channel one in the 
programmed mode you will see 
436.805 and if you push the PTT
you will see 145.850 MHz.  This works
like a charm! As the bird comes in 
just go to each successive down link

(Also see pp 46 bottom of VX-7R 
manual for odd splits. REMEMBER:
SO-50 wants turned on and a 74.4 Hz
tone is needed there. I doubt it will
ever be necessary except here in 
Hawaii.  Good luck and 73 to all

robert NH7WN, Honolulu

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