[amsat-bb] Yaesu VX-7R passing tones in odd band split memory

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My Yaesu VX-7R HT, does not pass tones, in a single memory channel set up 
for odd band split (2m/440).   I experimented extensively by trying to open 
the squelch on another radio, set to tone squelch, both sides of the odd 
split memory had tone and the same tone dialed in before storing each side 
into the same memory channel, on the HT.  To be sure, I brought the matter 
to Ron at Vertex Standard (Yeasu customer service) in Cypress Calif, he was 
sure I was not doing something correct, however, he was only able to 
duplicate my results and could not pass tones, on his test radio, in that 
configuration, he followed up by phone after he called engineers in Japan 
for clarification and confirmation.    I have not tested other Yaesu HT's or 
other Yaesu "radios", your response said "on a Yaesu radio", my post was 
with regards to my VX-7R. Regards......

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Actually, you can program PL tones in the odd-split memories on a
 Yaesu radio.  You just have to program the tones with both of the
 frequencies - even if you only need a PL on the transmit frequency.
 Make sure the "T" is lit up for a transmitted PL when you are putting
 the first (receive) frequency into the odd-split memory.

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Heres another vote for the Yaesu HT rigs; I use a Yaesu VX-7R and I 
appreciate being able to program a single odd band split, memory channel 
(that require no pl), then I use the memory tune (MT) function on the radio 
and turn one dial back and forth to adjust for Doppler and the 2 meter 
transmit is ready to go anytime I squeeze the PTT.   This set up works much 
better for me then 5 separate memory channels for every bird.  The Kenwood 
HT's wont let you program that odd band split into a single memory channel, 
(dont know about others) however sadly, Yaseu made it so you cannot pass pl 
tones in the odd band split memory channels but of course you can pass pl 
tones in the other memory or VFO modes. 

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