[amsat-bb] Grid Square Map Plots

John Papay john at papays.com
Wed Mar 10 09:44:32 PST 2010

I've received several inquiries about the software
that was used to create the ND9M/p road trip grid
square plot:

The program is a Great Circle Map generator with some
very nice features created by SM3GSJ.  KD8CAO originally
discovered this program and posted info about it on the amsat-bb.
It is called GcmWin.

Since that time, Roger has added some functionality that
makes it very suitable for those who chase grids.  Originally,
to plot grid square data, a 6 character grid designation was
required.  Roger changed it so that 4 character grids were
acceptable.  In addition, only one set of grid square data
could be overlayed on the map.  He graciously changed the software
so that two different colors from two different grid square files
could be plotted.  Now you can show your confirmed grids in one
color and your worked grids in another.  The program has many
other features related to propagation that might interest those
who work HF.

The homepage for the software is:

I am thinking about creating a webpage that could be used as a
repository for posting these maps for anyone that is interested
in having their plot on line.  Let me know if you're interested.

You can view my plot at:


My radius is set at 8200 miles which is a compromise between detail
and the maximum distance that can be worked on AO-7.  If you decrease
the radius, more detail can be shown.  You can include grid square
numbers if you make the radius small enough.  Red is confirmed and
Blue is worked.  The map doesn't include cards received after 1 Jan 10.

Thanks to Roger SM3GSJ for making this program available!

John K8YSE

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