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D. Craig Fox DFox at rwglaw.com
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Just had to weigh in on this occasionally recurring issue.  I have now had a KWood D-7 for a year and there is nothing like full duplex. Sawson, KG6NUB and I both use them and routinely work the country with an AR-800 whip, or down to 50 MW on his Arrow or my Elk for real "gain".  Being able to hear your downlink may not be absolutely necessary, but it takes away all guess work.  These radios also do an excellent job digipeating over ISS (when the D'ptr is turned on), using the built in tnc.  Best part, these radios continue to pop up on the used market in excellent condition.   


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> Heres another vote for the Yaesu HT rigs; I use a Yaesu VX-7R and
> I appreciate being able to program a single odd band split, memory
> channel (that require no pl), then I use the memory tune (MT) function
> on the radio and turn one dial back and forth to adjust for Doppler
> and the 2 meter transmit is ready to go anytime I squeeze the PTT.
>  This set up works much better for me then 5 separate memory
> channels for every bird.  The Kenwood HT's wont let you program
> that odd band split into a single memory channel, (dont know
> about others) however sadly, Yaseu made it so you cannot pass pl
> tones in the odd band split memory channels   but of course you
> can pass pl tones in the other memory or VFO modes.

Actually, you can program PL tones in the odd-split memories on a
Yaesu radio.  You just have to program the tones with both of the
frequencies - even if you only need a PL on the transmit frequency.
Make sure the "T" is lit up for a transmitted PL when you are putting
the first (receive) frequency into the odd-split memory.

I have never tried the Memory Tune function on Yaesu HTs.  I have
a VX-8R at home, but previously had a VX-2R and VX-3R that worked
OK for satellites.  I may give that a try.  Still not a full-duplex setup, but
an interesting way to deal with tuning the receiver for the FM birds.
Another item on the "to-do" list...

> <snip>
> Sure wish we had a good full duplex, dual or tri-band, HT that had
> an excellent receiver, (worked USB on both TX and RX) and had
> the modest other functions we need to work the satellites but the
> compromised HT's are still a bunch of fun, with a portable Yagi in
> the trunk, a spare 19 minutes (including set up) and a pass
> prediction schedule, can bring a big smile to my face when I am
> out and about, in the car.

That would be nice.  Until that ever materializes, I've settled on a pair
of FT-817NDs for my all-mode full-duplex portable satellite setup.  Not
as small as an HT, but that pair of radios is certainly adequate for
what I do.  Having higher-capacity internal rechargeable packs lets
me run 5W without worrying about an external power source, or I can
plug either (or both) 817s into a 12V jumpstart battery for extended
operating time.

After setting up the 817s many times at hamfests or in the field, I don't
need much more time with the two 817s compared to using an HT or
a 2m/70cm FM mobile radio.  Hamfest demos using the two 817s on
VO-52 or AO-7 have drawn much more interest in recent times, and
they will be with me at the next hamfest I attend on Saturday (13th).  :-)



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