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Heres another vote for the Yaesu HT rigs; I use a Yaesu VX-7R and I appreciate being able to program a single odd band split, memory channel (that require no pl), then I use the memory tune (MT) function on the radio and turn one dial back and forth to adjust for Doppler and the 2 meter transmit is ready to go anytime I squeeze the PTT.   This set up works much better for me then 5 separate memory channels for every bird.  The Kenwood HT's wont let you program that odd band split into a single memory channel, (dont know about others) however sadly, Yaseu made it so you cannot pass pl tones in the odd band split memory channels   but of course you can pass pl tones in the other memory or VFO modes.   

In my short experience, the better question I will be asking myself next time I purchase, is which HT has the most sensitive receiver and has enough other functions to still get the job done, although my VX-7R receives ok, some of the problems I had, with what seem like nulls, using the Arrow antenna and diplexer, went away when a friend gave me a pre-amp to put between the antenna and the HT.  (the preamp is the size of a quarter and a 9 volt battery, so its still nice and portable, not commercially available, sorry)  

Sure wish we had a good full duplex, dual or tri-band, HT that had an excellent receiver, (worked USB on both TX and RX) and had the modest other functions we need to work the satellites but the compromised HT's are still a bunch of fun, with a portable Yagi in the trunk, a spare 19 minutes (including set up) and a pass prediction schedule, can bring a big smile to my face when I am out and about, in the car. 

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>> ...  "what is the best current handheld for FM sats"??

We do not have a currently-manufactured TRUE DUPLEX HT available. Alinco tried - but the sub-band receive performance on their DJ-G7T is gruesome.

I use and like the Yaesu FT-60R - for MANY reasons ...

-Receives 108 to a gig
-bulletproof case
-strongest belt clip of any amateur HT chassis on the market
-easy to manually program
-1,000+ memories
-large, easy-to-read display
-and a battery situation that is great. Load up the optional FBA-25 AA alkaline tray with alkalines or NiMH cells, and you have FULL TX POWER available, is needed. Do that on, say, a Kenwood TH-F6a, and you have ONE-HALF WATT TX power.

Oh - and the Yaesu FT-60R can be programmed for "split freq" ops - where is receives on 440 and transmits on 2M.

Overall, it is a tremendous value for your money. Under $200 at HRO and AES and other authorized Yaesu dealers.

Clint Bradford, K6LCS

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