[amsat-bb] Re: Current Handheld

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at cih.uib.no
Sun Mar 7 13:38:43 PST 2010

Clint Bradford wrote:
>>> ... DJ-G7T ... adjusted the filters and the RX on UHF on main/sub-band is much better ...
> What version firmware are you at, Kai?
> I will need to re-evaluate this unit!

[Updates of this firmware version]
1: RIT/TXIT functions / added.
2: Reverse function in repeater operation / bettered.
3: Beep sounds at turn-off the power / added.
4: CTCSS tone of Auto-repeater & memory / bettered (give priority to the 
tone in memory, not in VFO while auto-repeater is ON)
5: Welcome-screen setting / bettered.
6: New scan mode added = turns on the LCD light when scan stops. Very 
convenient operating G7 in the dark.
7: Firmware update operation: accepts the command only when the 
battery-icon shows "full".
8: Minor bugs fixed.

Previous firmware: Bettered receiver performance around 320MHz range.

I have not tested this on the birds. But the local repeater using the 
same antenna. Not a very advanced test. Receiving the repeater before 
upgrade, flashing the firmware and test again from the same spot.

Anyhow the original antenna is not good on VHF but i think the UHF/SHF 
is better. Using the original antenna for the TH-D7 on the radio you 
gain better signal on the Alinco. So i have replaced the antenna for a 
SC951 SureCom for V/U and SHF and now it's better on VHF too.

On the birds i probably want to use another antenna but the SC951 should 
work ok and better than the original on V/UHF. For SHF i have nothing to 
compare them on.

I really like the dual-memorybank(splitband) so they are perfect for the 
birds. But i have not done any QSOs on the birds using this radio. But 
with the dual VFO control it's probably bnetter than the TH-D7 as you 
can adjust for dopler on RX on the Alinco. (The TH-D7 can only adjust 
the band you are TXing on)

So then i just have to try AO51 ;o) i just wanted to say that they have 
done something with the filters and i think they have adjusted more than 
just the 320MHz range even if they don't say so.

They are responding relatively fast on e-mail if you have any questions 
or suggestions for new functions or to change something into the better.

Kai Gunter

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