[amsat-bb] Re: Current Handheld

Kai Gunter Brandt kai.brandt at cih.uib.no
Sun Mar 7 12:55:00 PST 2010

Clint Bradford wrote:
>>> ...  "what is the best current handheld for FM sats"??
> We do not have a currently-manufactured TRUE DUPLEX HT available. Alinco tried - but the sub-band receive performance on their DJ-G7T is gruesome.

Have you tried the latest firmware? They have adjusted the filters and 
the RX on UHF on main/sub-band is much better. You can also download the 
service manual and change these parameters yourselves but this is 
probably not something that should be done.

Comparing it to my TH-D7 it's not that bad. They changed something on 
the 23cm too but i'm not sure what the issue was there.

Kai Gunter

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