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Hi Joel and all 

-This is a timely question for me.  Yesterday I organized and ran (with the help of Wayne-W9AE) a AMSAT table at a local hamfest.  I had the opportunity to meet many local hams both satellite ops and the curious.  I extolled the virtues of AMSAT and the satellite community in general.  A few points I noticed as an undercurrent in some of the conversations.  We hams are generally a frugal bunch and in some cases just plain cheap.  I had several antennas on display as well as several pictures, one was of an astronaut on a EVA installing one of our  antennas on the outside of the space station.  Some of the questions went like this, one guy asked, "do you have to belong to AMSAT to operate satellites?", can I get this software (Satpc32) free on line?" "are these books available any where else?"  My response to these and similar queries was, "see this picture?" what do you think the shipping cost is?"  "What we do, is rocket science, and rocket science is not cheap".   How many active satellite operators do  not belong to AMSAT?  How many use pirated tracking programs.  How many do not contribute "something" to AMSAT.  Maybe some aspect of of AMSAT ticks you off, so you cut the cord.  I'm sure some part of the government ticks you off, you don't move to Canada.  In order for AMSAT and our efforts to succeed it takes money, and yes probably lots of it.  This event was a learning process for me and in the future I hope to hone my abilities and create more dues paying and contributing members.  Finally- "this is rocket science and rocket science is not cheap. 

73 Bob W7LRD 
Washington State AMSAT area coordinator 

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I realize what I'm going to get by asking this...  If you were giving a 
presentation to amateur radio operators who know little or nothing of 
AMSAT, what would you list as some of the benefits of being a member of 
AMSAT?  What would be the single most important reason? 

Joel, W4JBB 
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