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jlv jlv at fing.edu.uy
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Thank you David for the return,... 
Detailed information of the orientation systems and positioning is what I look for,  
but it is reasonable that some information is reserved.  
I will try to find all the information that is possible to help me to guide my own experiments about this matter..  
Thank you again   

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    Hi all,...

    I want to learn about horizon detection, orientation and automatic control of attitude of LEO. satellites.  
    Can somebody guide my search of information about this topic?


  Attitude control is usually done in LEO with "magnetorquer coils", or "reaction wheels" or "attitude thrusters"

  Attitude determination can be done in several ways By "sun sensor" "horizon sensor" "Star tracker" or by comparing the detected magnetic field on the satellite against a model of the earths magnetic field stored in memory.

  If you search for the above topics you will find papers from teams who have implemented satellite control using these methods. Of course the computer algorithms to process the data collected and calculate attitude is complex.

  You will not get detailed information from the USA due to their ITAR laws.



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