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Dear Tom:

Thank you very much for reminding us of the Flex product line.  They have progressed a long way since the last time I looked into SDR.  I will review the specifications of the Flex-5000 very closely.  It does appear to be clearly the next generation of competition grade/satellite transceiver
WF1F Miles

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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: Wish List, The Ideal VHF/UHF Sat Rig
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> Date: Monday, March 1, 2010, 4:55 PM
> There is one US made radio on the
> market today that will meet >>>ALL<<<
> the desires & requirements discussed in this thread --
> and it is made by
> an AMSAT member (K5SDR)! It was on view at last fall's
> AMSAT Symposium.
> I say "ALL" contingent on the release of one module RSN
> (Real! Soon! Now!).
> I'm talking about the software-defined Flex 5000 (see
> http://www.flex-radio.com/). When the new V/U module is
> released (by
> Dayton), the F5K can be used at the 100W level on 160-6M,
> and 60W on
> V=2M & U=70cm. It will operate Full-Duplex in any
> combination of V/U
> (+10 meters). Greg, K5GJ described the new V/U module fully
> at the AMSAT
> Symposium. Flex has offered significant door prizes (like
> half of a base
> 5K) at all the recent AMSAT & TAPR meetings (I won a
> prize that I
> converted to a V/U upgrade for my personal F5K; I eagerly
> expect it in
> the next month or so).
> For some more info, this is clipped from the Flex
> advertising describing
> the new V/U module:
> > The FLEX-5000 V/U module is a fully integrated
> all-mode, all-band
> > (144-148/430-450 MHz) full-duplex VHF/UHF module that
> adds both 2m and
> > 70 cm capabilities to the already outstanding
> FLEX-5000 family of
> > software defined radios.  All of the FLEX-5000
> V/U module's
> > oscillators are locked to the 500 MHz master
> oscillator in the
> > FLEX-5000, which in turn is locked to the internal
> 0.5ppm reference or
> > it may be connected to an external 10 MHz reference
> for even greater
> > frequency stability.
> If want additional HF capability, you can add a second
> receiver and/or
> automatic antenna tuner. You can tie the entire radio to a
> GPS or
> Rubidium frequency reference for accuracy/stability at
> levels better
> than a part per billion.
> For any of the microwave bands (23 cm and up), either the V
> or U channel
> can serve as the IF for a transverter. For the wider
> bandwidth modes
> discussed for the "HR-956-Pro", the F5K is capable of
> supporting
> anything up to a few hundred kHz. For these SDRs, new
> software support
> shows up daily, contributed (free) by a significant cadre
> of amateurs.
> If a modem for some different mode, is needed, IOS (It's
> Only Software! ).
> And the price for a fully decked out is less than half of
> that forecast
> for the "fictional  HR-956-Pro" (even including a
> suitable PC).
> 73, Tom
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