[amsat-bb] DXpedition 3W6C April 2010

Michael Lipp HB9WDF hb9wdf at bluewin.ch
Mon Mar 1 22:26:10 PST 2010

Dear satellite enthusiast and DXers
The 3W6C-Team will activate Côn Có Island (AS-185) on satellite from 
April 10 to18. The crew use a FT-897 TRX with homebrewed 
"Easysat"-antenna for 2m and 70cm and a homebrewed 10m crossdipol. 
Following satellite will be use:
- AO-07*
- AO-51*
- HO-68*
- SO-50
- SO-67
(*first priority - not all overflights and sats will be use)
Please note, that only AO-07 will be activate in SBB/CW-mode. All other 
satellite are use in FM-mode.
The main areas in the Foodprint are: East-Asia, Japan, China, India, 
Australia and east part of Russia. If possible, so the 3W6C-Team will 
use some DX-Windows to near East and west part of Russia.
Operation note:
The main-operator for Satellite is HB9BXE, Hans-Peter. Hans-Peter don't 
use a CAT-Interface for doppler correction. The equipment is in full 
manual use. It is important to know, that Hans-Peter don't hear his own 
downlink. For AO-07, he made no doppler correction in the uplink. 
Hans-Peter will search some signals +/- 5kHz arround the 
downlinkfrequency. (quasi splitmode like shortwave).
Is there a pileup on the sat, please use only callsign, signalstrenght 
and gridsquare.
All Crewmembers are primary shortwave operators. So please be patient, 
if they have some troubles with the sat-operation.
For additional information and operating-plan, please contact the 3W6C 
Website. www.3w6c.qrv.ch <http://www.3w6c.qrv.ch>
We still search Pilot-Station for coordinate the activities from 
following Areas: Australia, India and central Asia. If you like support 
the 3W6C-Team as pilot, please contact the team-leader hb9bxe 
(hb9bxe at web.de)
Thanks for support of the 3W6C-DX-Pedition.
73 de Michael, hb9wdf
Satellite coach of 3W6C
unfortunately not on the DX-Pedition :-(

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