[amsat-bb] Re: Wish List, The Ideal VHF/UHF Sat Rig

Mon Mar 1 14:39:46 PST 2010

When I retired 4 years ago, I had a long list of things to do, get, or build
on my ham radio To Do list.  After looking at the Flex 5K, I realized that
well over half of them would be rendered moot by it.  Since virtually none
of my operating is on HF, I have been waiting (and waiting, and waiting,)
for the V/U module to be ready.  While waiting, I have gathered a few tools
to go with it, including a GPS disciplined reference oscillator, so I will
never need to wonder about what frequency I am really on.  It looks as if
that time is almost here, and I will be able to retire my venerable FT-847.
Who knows, I may even start working HF again.  And it will feel good to buy
American again.  The last purely US Rig I had was from Hallicrafters.


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