[amsat-bb] Re: Wish List, The Ideal VHF/UHF Sat Rig

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Mon Mar 1 11:59:33 PST 2010

At 10:47 AM 3/1/2010, Ken Ernandes wrote:
>I'm not normally one to throw cold water on creative ideas, but I 
>will put myself in the position of the potential manufacturer.  What 
>any manufacturer would need to even contemplate this project is good 
>answers to a few basic questions: 1.  Can I come up with a design to 
>these specifications that I can sell in the realistic price range of 
>the typical amateur operator? 2.  Is there a large enough market out 
>there that I can make a profit on this exercise? My guess is the 
>manufacturers wouldn't touch this one with 3.048-meter pole without 
>at least one functioning high altitude satellite on orbit.  I 
>realize these are frustrating times, but I think you'll need to come 
>up with more than just a wish list.  Perhaps a group could get 
>together and prototype portions to make a plausible case that this 
>can be built economically. Can it be done?  Probably...  But those 
>who really want it will probably need to invest a lot of sweat 
>equity to prove it. 73, Ken N2WWD

Ken echoes what I thought when I saw this thread.  Note: the FT-847 
has not been replaced by Yaesu/Vertex.

I really think this should be reset to be a SDR radio.  Then most of 
those "niceties" would be handled by software.

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