[amsat-bb] FQ56 Activation - Thule Greenland in April and DM04 Activation this week

Reid Crowe reid.crowe at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 07:07:05 PST 2010

Everyone, thank you for your help on my HT transporting question I 
posted earlier!  I think I have found a method to get my equipment to 
where I'm going.  I'll try to get on the air Wed and Thursday nights 
from DM04 (I know not the rarest).  I'll possibly be on during college 
satellite night as K0KU/6 if work permits.

I will be getting my equipment shipped to FQ56 in late March.  Where I 
hope to be on the air for a month starting March 23rd.  I will try to 
use satellites that uplink on VHF, as UHF would interfere with the BMEWS 
on base.  If BMEWS interferes with UHF downlink, I'll also be out of 
commission on the birds.

My schedule will be as work/passes/weather permits. As of right now, 
I'll only be operating the FM satellites due to equipment limitations.  
If I can figure out a way to work the SSB/CW birds, I'll be on those as 
well.  The satellite with the best coverage of Thule and the US would be 
HO-68 assuming it is in FM mode.

I will also be working some HF in between passes.  So look for OX3RC on 
the birds and HF starting March 23.  I cannot give a specific time of 
operation because my primary mission is work, and my work schedule is 
dependent on weather.


Reid N0RC

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