[amsat-bb] Re: Pass prediction algorithm

Douglas Quagliana dquagliana at aol.com
Mon Jun 28 12:08:14 PDT 2010

Reid Crowe wrote:
> I'm trying to write my own pass prediction program for tracking FM 
> satellites.  
> 73, Reid N0RC
Hi Reid,

   If you want something in C, try predict.    If BASIC is more to your 
liking, then try G3RUH's plan13 program. 
Both come with source code.  Predict is GPL.  Plan13 comes with G3RUH's 
writeup, which includes an
excellent explanation of what the program does and how it does it.

predict is at

plan13 is at

   Both will run on computers with minimal CPU resources. 

Douglas KA2UPW/5

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