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On 16 Jun 2010 at 22:27, Anthony Monteiro wrote:

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> At 07:40 PM 6/16/2010, Dave Guimont wrote:
> >I hope we are getting great financial support from the fm'ers.  I
> >assume the reason for fm is the assumed cost of ssw/cw rigs in
> Dear Dave and Vince and the group,
> You guys have to know that I would love to put up a linear HEO and
> resurrect the +20 net!
> The reality is that AMSAT just cannot afford to pay for a HEO launch.
> I do think we need to work as hard as we can to find another way to get
> there but we haven't found a way just yet.
> The ARISSat-1 satellite, which many of us are hard at work on right now,
> will have a linear transponder but of course it is a LEO.
> The AMSAT-Fox project is FM because we need a replacement for AO-51
> before it dies (perhaps THE most popular satellite at present) and it is hard
> to generate enough power from a 1U CubeSat to have a really good linear
> transponder.
> Hang in there. The world has changed and it is much more difficult than it used
> to be but we are trying really hard to get there.
> 73,
> Tony AA2TX
> AMSAT VP Engineering

Just have a look at PE1RAH William Leijenaar web page http://www.qsl.net/pe1rah/

and look at his nano sat transponder satellite


Technology is there but is the AMSAT-NA mentality will change? I wrote in the past at numerous time that it's will be through an 
international effort amateur radio satellite launch will succeed. It's already done! Look at all the cubes sat launch in the past 5 years 
nothing came from an AMSAT-NA project.. here is the international effort i refer too.

Yes AMSAT-NA is having projects but AMSAT-INDIA gets help from  William PE1RAH for his VO-52 transponder. Just for the record AMSAT-DL is 
still working on an HEO P3E. There will be no salute if AMSAT-NA persist to fold on themselves trying to make his own 50 states affair as 
if they are too ashamed  to work and i mean really work on an international cooperation base.

We are in 2010 and i don't know if  the AMSAT-NA BOD is aware that we are in a globalized world? Your telephone call center is in India and 
your cars are manufactured in Mexixo. Having the very same people always playing the musical chair in the AMSAT-NA BOD will only lead to 
the same old paradigm who is by definition :a philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific school or discipline within which 
theories, laws, and generalizations and the experiments performed in support of them are formulated; broadly a philosophical or theoretical 
framework of any kind. Is it not a characterization of the past 7 years of AMSAT-NA actions? I think yes and it's lead to nothing.

Will this FOX project succeed as the many past one we can only hope but IMHO we are still in the same bad tracks even if the folks involved 
are the most dedicated ones. ARISSAT-1 is probably the best tangible assets actually but how can we really think AMSAT-NA is only promoting 
his new projects on paper when peoples are actually reading stuff on their I Pod and I Pad? Is this will help them attracting new blood in 
the amateur radio satellite field?

If the new AMSAT-NA BOD candidates are asking for inputs it's probably because they cannot provided any new ideas only refurbishing ideas 
from the past over and over again.

For those who are not accepting criticism even the constructive ones just have the BOD implementing ways and means to work on an 
international satellite project will be a step in the right direction. 

It's my opinion and i know you shared it...


Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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