[amsat-bb] Re: Four Grids from one location

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed Jul 21 08:54:39 PDT 2010

Hi Lee!

> I was wondering if anyone has operated from one point where four grid
> squares meet.

I did that twice in 2006, from locations north of Dayton.  I worked from
EM79/EM89/EN70/EN80, then north of there at EN70/EN71/EN80/EN81.
Photos of your GPS receiver's display or a video showing your GPS readout
is now mandatory in terms of VUCC, if ARRL ever calls your operation into
question (it was not the case, in terms of VUCC, until late 2008).  You would
want to have at least a couple of photos - one showing the GPS readout where
you have "all zeroes" after the decimal points for the latitude and
longitude, and
another with the GPS along with your station.  A video clip that shows all of
that - a close-up of the GPS display, along with a wider shot of the GPS with
your gear - is also acceptable for ARRL.  You can be creative on how you set up
your station on the spot, but the photos are good to have if anyone ever calls
your operation there in question.  You may want to review the VUCC rules,
which explain what ARRL wants to see if they ever ask for documentation of
your operation (specifically, sections 4e and 4f), at:


If you go to that spot, make sure you are not trespassing - and that you can
safely get to the spot and out of there when you're done.  Most of the 4-grid
intersections in Arizona are either in areas requiring a 4x4 vehicle or even a
helicopter, or on private property (I regularly operate just south of the
DM32/DM33/DM42/DM43 intersection on the DM32/DM42 line, since the 4-
grid intersection is in farmland I won't walk onto without getting the OK from
the owner).  One of those spots here in Arizona is just over the edge of the
South Rim of the Grand Canyon (DM35/DM36/DM45/DM46 - yes, I looked at
that spot a year or so ago on a trip up there - so close!).  A site
that might be
useful for you and anyone contemplating operating from a 4-grid intersection


(you'll need latitude and longitude for the 4-grid intersection when using this
site, instead of the Maidenhead grid locators)

On the air, you would probably want to announce all 4 grids.  You aren't
required to, but why not mention that and attract attention to your unique
location.  At the absolute minimum, make sure all of the grids are all listed on
the QSL cards.  A photo of the GPS readout, as WA4NVM mentioned (and
something that I and others do for our satellite QSL cards) would be great to

Good luck and 73!


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