[amsat-bb] Re: Let Your Garage Charge Your Radio

G0MRF@aol.com G0MRF at aol.com
Fri Dec 31 02:25:25 PST 2010

Hi Clint.
Sounds like a unique solution. Probably OK for NiCd or Lead acid.
However, if it's any sort of Lithium technology in those batteries, then  
deep cycling and a top up charge is definately the wrong way.
For maximum shelf life Lithium batteries need to be kept at 40 - 60%  
charge, then topped up when needed.  Also, for the maximum number of  cycles, the 
battery needs a small depth of discharge not deep cycling.
Your friend is probably using NiCd bats, but I thought I would mention it  
just in case anyone thought this would be a good idea for Lithium  batteries.
Thanks es HNY
In a message dated 30/12/2010 19:20:52 GMT Standard Time,  
clintbradford at mac.com writes:

He also  performs a "cycling" of his battery pack every 60 days (running 
the radio  until it won't power on, then charging).

After a year-and-a-half of  this, his voltage indication is still quite 
high. When he performs his  "cycling," the pack seems to not have lost a bit of 

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