[amsat-bb] Re: Is it possible to work LEO sats (FM or SSB) withantennas in attic?

Patrick Farcon pfarcon at mac.com
Mon Dec 27 22:03:42 PST 2010


I have the same antenna restrictions here at my home. When a member of the
"board" has seen me outside my home working the satellites in my parking lot
he asked me just that, "anyway you can put antennas in the attic?" I try to
make it outside with my portable Arrow II or Elk setup but it has gotten to
be really cold and with the recent blizzard tough or almost impossible. Be
that as it may, I have been working handheld indoors but my receive is very
poor at times. I have mad a few contacts but most likely I am getting out
better than I receive which is not a good thing.

I used to have an old TV antenna rotor from Radio Shack that would at least
help with azimuth and I could use a fixed elevation of about 30 degrees but
I think it is long gone after the move years ago. I was thinking of putting
a more elaborate AZ/EL setup in the attic as well and looking for
suggestions. Also looking for suggestions on preamps as well to at least
improve my signal on receive even if I work handheld for some time longer. I
always enjoy and filled with envy when I hear stations working each other
down to about 1 degree elevation at their QTH and dream of someday getting
there, especially for HO-68 and the linear satellites.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as well.



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