[amsat-bb] question about recive beacon signals with icom 910 h

N. Mahdinejad n.mahdinejad at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 03:54:23 PST 2010

I have question about ICOM- IC 910 H.

1. I want to receive beacon signals of some amsat satellites. Could you
please tell me from which satellites I can receive beacon signal? (So-50,
so-67, ao-27, ao-16, ao-51, prism. Kks, and etc)

 All the equipments are prepared. There is also unitrac with icom radio and
YAESU rotator (but I don’t have tnc).
2. In the main configuration of unitrac there are uplink downlink and beacon
ferequency tabs those we shoud fill with the information of satellite
ferequency but I don’t know what to do in icom for reciving beacon or
telemetry of satellites.
Thanks for your help and attention.
Best Regards.

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