[amsat-bb] High Altitude Balloon and Satellite communication

Wagner Sartori Junior wsartori at gmail.com
Tue Dec 21 06:07:07 PST 2010


I want to make a High Altitude Balloon and I want to make some
questions to I don't loose my time learning and studying if satellite
communication is not an option. I'm starting to study radio amateur
from now, so I don't know almost anything. Sorry for that! Just simple
questions that any of you can answer.

1) Will I be able to use a satellite for telemetry data from my
balloon to a ground station?
2) It will be easier or cheaper to don't use satellite and just
communicate directly to my ground station?

The target altitude is 30km.

My main fear is to loose my payload, so radio(maybe two radios for
redundancy) is essential.

I'll contact experienced people in Brazil regarding the radio things
after project is ready. I'm just writing the project so I need this
simple informations.

I'll send GPS coordinates, altitude, speed, course information, two
temperatures sensors, accelerometer/gyro, pressure informations. All
text and simple things. I'm planning to send this data using APRS.


Wagner Sartori Junior

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