[amsat-bb] Re: Two configurations of SatPC32 ?

Mark L. Hammond marklhammond at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 10:29:14 PST 2010

Hi Dick,

You can do at least this two different ways:

1) With ver 12.8 you can setup multiple configurations that can be switched easily from within the program.  It's very nice--you can have different a different tracker, radios, satellites, etc.!  Just use the menu Setup/Configuration and you'll see what I mean...maybe that will let you set the rigs up two ways?  As I recall there are four different configurations that can be selected.  (Hint--when starting out, I just copied all the files from Config1 (default) to the Config2 folders so I didn't have to redo EVERYTHING....just small changes where I needed them)


2) You can run both 12.8 and 12.7 simultaneously!   Under Windows7 (63-bit here) ver 12.7 "fusses" at start up about an IOPort driver, but just click OK and it runs perfectly (well, I suspect that IOPort driver error means it wouldn't run a KCT interface or something...).   I do this option for running my old TS-790A as a S-band receiver (from a downconverter at the antenna of course).  CAT control works perfectly.

That way I can leave my TS-2000x "as is" under 12.8 and then run the Ts-790A when I need to for mode S.    This is really helpful when we run AO-51 in mode V/SU like we are doing right now---I can monitor on both receivers at the same time and still have the V-band uplink via the TS-2000x.

Hope that info inspires you to experiment!!


Mark N8MH

At 05:46 PM 12/19/2010 +0000, Richard Ferryman wrote:
>I use SatPC32 configured for two FT-817 transceivers for cross band duplex working.  One rig is on the 2m aerial and the other on the 70cm aerial with a transfer switch for V/U or U/V. I have to switch the configuration to one transceiver and reboot for in-band simplex such as packet on ISS.  Is possible to have two installations of SatPC32 or two configuration settings so I can just boot the configuration I need - (one radio or two radios)?
>Richard (Dick) G4BBH
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Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH] 

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