[amsat-bb] A07-A #65,136

Edward R. Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Thu Dec 16 17:32:47 PST 2010

Heard you fine, Scott.  Nice loud 559.  MY signal with full was quite 
a bit lower and faded out the last ten minutes of the pass for some 
reason.  Of course only PNW-CA-AK and Siberia in view.

Took me some time to find myself - rusty!  I started with SSB 
-oops!  All I hear is CW.  No problem but lost a couple more minutes 
getting set up.  The sub-tune knob on the FT-847 tunes too slow to 
move very far.  I swapped VFO's to speed that after I found myself 
several KHz low.  There was a way to tune the Tx with the VFO, but I 
forgot how that goes.

looks like there is a common window with Moscow western Russia, 
Finland and Sweden at the end of the pass.

My guess without a yagi I will be limited to the center of the pass.

Ready to try again on Saturday (Dec.19  0100 utc).  Tnx I forgot how 
much fun this is!

73, Ed - KL7UW, WD2XSH/45
BP40IQ   500 KHz - 10-GHz   www.kl7uw.com
EME: 144-1.4kw, 432-100w*, 1296-testing*, 3400-winter?
DUBUS Magazine USA Rep dubususa at hotmail.com
*temp not in service 

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