[amsat-bb] Re: Dual Yaesu Rigs on SatPC32

David Palmer dave at zdap.com
Mon Dec 13 06:49:26 PST 2010

Hi Howard,

I use twin FT-817ND's and haven't seen what you describe:

> I adjust the receive cat till I hear my voice proper aprox  -1.3 kHz on FO29
> I reset it to 0 then adjust the cat for transmitter to +1.3kHz
> I click change/store data file button,then click uplink cal button
> I restart SatPC32 and try again on FO29 now I am out aprox -2.6khz

There are two things I can think of that could be causing this.  One,
I never actually adjust the receive calibration, I do all the
corrections with the uplink calibration box (the right-hand of the
two) in the CAT sub-menu.  Once audio sounds correct, I then store the
new settings.

The other is that since the Yaesu FT-8x7 rigs don't update the TX
frequency during transmit, be sure you unkey between test
transmissions to let the new CAT settings get into the TX radio.  I'll
do something like "KB5WIA aligning", then unkey, set uplink cal up or
down accordingly, then retransmit and try again.  I also use the 5X
data rate so that the frequency update is a bit quicker.

Only other thing I can think of is to make sure your keps are updated,
and your PC clock is updated to the second.  Even a few seconds
difference can make the bird appear to drift > 1kHz in a few minutes
(the time it takes to calibrate).

Good luck!

73 de Dave KB5WIA / CM88
FT-817ND x 2, Elk Antenna

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