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Andrew Squires asquires at bigpond.net.au
Sun Dec 12 18:16:29 PST 2010

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> From: Andrew Squires <asquires at bigpond.net.au>
> Date: 13 December 2010 1:14:50 PM AEDT
> To: kd2bd at yahoo.com
> Subject: Alouette
> John read with interest you posting on the Amsat board.I used to work for NASA in the 70's and we used to track a satellite called Alouette (spelling?).It was a Canadian satellite and officially listed as a top side sounder.It would listen to the VLF band and the sounds it recorded were amazing,sounds of lighting and the aurora etc.You may be able to find something via google?
> cheers Andy VK3AS

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