[amsat-bb] Re: LF Satellite ideas?

Douglas Quagliana dquagliana at aol.com
Sun Dec 12 08:13:14 PST 2010

Hi Bob,

    I'm actually wondering if the 1100 meter long antenna would be 
visible from the ground.  I suppose that depends on the height of the 
orbit,  the width of the tether, orientation, and what color the tether 
will be.  Have these been determined? Viewing the tether might be an 
interesting science experiment for students. Hey Bob-- Can you paint the 
tether bright white?

   Can you make the tether out of something that's optically reflective? 
Hitting a corner reflector is difficult, but hitting a 1100 meter 
reflector strip should be much easier.  Just make sure you fill out all 
the proper government paperwork and file all of the necessary "Notice to 
Airmen" forms before shining your lights upwards. :-)

   How long is the tether expected to last? The Space Shuttle windows 
are only up for about a week at a time and they can get tiny 
mini-craters from the micrometeorite impacts.


Bob Bruninga wrote:
> Our next Cubesat will have a 1100 meter long antenna (think tether satellite).  
> Bob, WB4APR

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