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As an AMSAT coordinator here in the east (NJ), I always hear about the HEO
sats. (many years of operation on them too.)  It is one of the top questions
and topics of conversations I have at a demo or hamfest.  Alas, I have been
accused of having an agenda of my own by being an advocate of these birds.
Yes, I realize that we only have LEO's at present and see nothing on the
near horizon in the area of MEO and HEO sats.  
AMSAT as a whole has earmarked many avenues for HEO's and is not abandoning
this and is taking the high road and championing what we can offer in
satellite launches.  LEO's are presently near future.  ARRISsat is going to
be a LEO pushed out of the ISS and will be around for a while with
transponders on board.  Should offer a high amount of activity and
publicity.  Remember, if you don't support AMSAT presently, think of the
future spots we may miss.
Please keep the faith, be well and hope to hear you on future sats and my
best wishes for the Holidays.
Dee, NB2F 

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This is one posting I had hoped never to make.  It appears that I'll not
live long enough to see an HEO bird launched.  It is with a heavy heart I
list the following for sale.  I am not listing any prices.  I will discuss
pricing on anything that is of interest to you or make me a "reasonable"
My land line phone no. is:  308-262-0439  

Model No. AIDC-3033  2.4 Ghz Down Converter with a wall wart PS included.
Down East Mocrowave Model 144-29 Transverter.  (I fed 2.4 Ghz directly into
the shack, down converted to 144 Mhz. with the AIDC and again with the
144-29 to 10 m. and used my HF rig (FT-920) as the satellite receiver.)
Elevation Rotor: Ken Pro Model No. KR-500 with 50+ feet of control cable and
control unit.  (Old but it worked flawlessly until the day I took it down.)
3 Ft. Spun Aluminum Dish with Down East 2.4 Ghz. pre-amp attached.
19 Element 70 cm. Yagi:  Cush Craft Model 719B
9913 low loss coax in various lengths of 50+ feet.

The above equipment enabled me to work 1000+ QSOs and 93 entities via AO-40.

Thanks  and Happy Holidays to everyone.   Frank, K0BLT      K0BLT at JUNO.com

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