[amsat-bb] Re: more about the TH-D72A for satellites

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Mon Dec 6 12:54:26 PST 2010

Hi Alan!

> Great preliminary report.  One question.  I haven't been able to locate the
> size of the stock battery.  The accessory is an 1800 MaH battery.  Is that
> the typical larger battery, or just a spare the same size?  A friend who is
> more interested in the APRS side asked me.

There is - so far - only one rechargeable battery pack for this radio: the
PB-45L, 7.4V/1800 mAh.  The accessory pack is the same model and
capacity as what came with the radio.

I give credit to Kenwood for not saddling the radio with a smaller battery
pack like Yaesu has done with the VX-8 series, and then offering the
higher-capacity battery as an accessory.  It might be up to someone like
Maha or Batteries America to come out with an after-market battery pack
with still larger capacity.  Or maybe Kenwood will do that in the future.
Kenwood has done that with the TH-F6A; originally it came with a
7.4V/1550 mAh pack, but the new one I just picked up last month came
with a Kenwood 7.4V/2000 mAh pack.

> As for myself, I would like one, but I have a full up Flex-VU5K and a new
> HDTV on order, so enough expensive toys, at least until Dayton.

Do you have the VHF/UHF module for your Flex radio?  ;-)



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