[amsat-bb] Re: more about the TH-D72A for satellites

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Mon Dec 6 12:41:31 PST 2010

Hi Ed!

> I'm sure there a lot of us interested in what you find out using the new
> radio.

Thanks for the encouragement.  So far, nobody has told me to keep
quiet.  ;-)  I'm getting more packet and APRS questions in private e-mail,
and can't really answer many of them other than the D72 works to
transmit my location to an APRS digi network.  I'm still a novice with APRS,
and haven't done much with packet except to send some data through the
ISS digipeater in almost 15 years!

>  My last ham HT was a TH-D7A, which I reluctantly sold back to the
> person I bought it from (he was donating it to "doctors without borders").
>  I used it a little on AO27 and UO18, though I used my FT-817 more.  I liked
> the fact it was packet ready and satellite ready.  The TH-D72 with embedded
> GPS looks like a real winner.

I have two FT-817NDs, and those will definitely continue to be used as a
big part of my portable satellite station.  A TH-F6A is another recent
addition, which can serve as a backup all-mode receiver and an FM (plus
maybe CW) transmitter.  I wish I would have had a true full-duplex HT for
some of the stops I made on my Canada trip a few months ago, where an HT
was the only way to get on the birds at certain locations.

> BTW for those having cost-phobia the original TH-D7 cost $395.  I do not
> have a HT, now.....maybe?
> It would be nice for air-travel w/ headset and mag-mount whip.

Thanks for the reminder about that price.  I knew it was relatively expensive
in its day as a new radio, which was probably why I did not have one way
back when.

I know that a $500 radio in 2010 pesos is still not cheap, despite all the
extra bells and whistles, so I don't fault anyone for citing cost as a reason
to not get one.  Maybe more D7s in good condition will hit the used market
that can be put on the satellites, as more move up to the D72.



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