[amsat-bb] Re: more about the TH-D72A for satellites

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Dec 6 06:30:16 PST 2010

> ... if the TH-D72 is the true successor to 
> the TH-D7 including the cross-band full-duplex
> I'd take the plunge. 

> 1. Transmit with VFO B, receive with VFO A.
> VFO A has better sensitivity than VFO B, 
> so why not go with that?  There is no 
> restriction on which VFO can be the TX

My understanding is that unlike the THD7, the D72 can only
operate full duplex as noted above RX-A and TX-B.  But either
band can be VHF or UHF, so you can operate mode B or J, but the
TX is always from B.


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