[amsat-bb] Satellite Earth Station for sale

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Sat Dec 4 10:44:09 PST 2010


This is one posting I had hoped never to make.  It appears that I'll not live long enough to see an HEO bird launched.  It is with a heavy heart I list the following for sale.  I am not listing any prices.  I will discuss pricing on anything that is of interest to you or make me a "reasonable" offer.                                                                     My land line phone no. is:  308-262-0439  

Model No. AIDC-3033  2.4 Ghz Down Converter with a wall wart PS included.
Down East Mocrowave Model 144-29 Transverter.  (I fed 2.4 Ghz directly into the shack, down converted to 144 Mhz. with the AIDC and again with the 144-29 to 10 m. and used my HF rig (FT-920) as the satellite receiver.)
Elevation Rotor: Ken Pro Model No. KR-500 with 50+ feet of control cable and control unit.  (Old but it worked flawlessly until the day I took it down.)
3 Ft. Spun Aluminum Dish with Down East 2.4 Ghz. pre-amp attached.
19 Element 70 cm. Yagi:  Cush Craft Model 719B
9913 low loss coax in various lengths of 50+ feet.

The above equipment enabled me to work 1000+ QSOs and 93 entities via AO-40.

Thanks  and Happy Holidays to everyone.   Frank, K0BLT      K0BLT at JUNO.com

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