[amsat-bb] utility/educational electronic kits for sale cheap - source located (Kensington, MD)

Samudra Haque samudra.haque at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 20:15:52 PST 2010

Hi Amrad, Amsat folks. Some of you may appreciate picking up a few of
these utility electronic kits, for yourself, or your younger
generation SWL/DX and ham radio friends: they are all useful for your
radio shack. I am planning to pick up a few myself if I have the time.
Perhaps we could pool together a purchase lot?

Please contact the original seller, Robert Lavoie for purchase:

sale-r3rbj-2087904408 at craigslist.org

Huge assortment of Velleman/CanaKit audio kits, factory fresh in
sealed original boxes, unopened. original buyer, perfect for audio
hobbyists or electronics minded. There are literally over 80 kits in
this assortment, everything from power supply kits to audio
amplifiers, led displays, etc. Retail value of these items today
exceeds $2000.00. Liquidation. Could make excellent XMAS gift(s).
Individual kits are available. Also available are numerous Radio Shack
black ABS project boxes, Calrad VU meters, potentiometers, Plitron low
voltage toroidal transformers, many values, lots and lots of stuff.
All negotiable Might be good for a school or laboratory for
electronics. All prices negotiable .

Velleman K2637 Super Mini 2.5 watt audio amplifier (quantity 21)
current retail $12.50 Velleman MK 138 Thermostat (quantity 1)
Velleman K4001 7 watt audio amplifier (quantity 2) current retail 14.69
Velleman MK 105 signal generator (quantity 7) current retail $5.23
Velleman K2570 universal pwr supply 5-14 volts (quantity 6) current
retail $16.15
Velleman K2573 Stereo RIAA correction kit (quantity 3) current retail $14.73
Velleman KK4102 guitar preamplifier/headphone amp (quantity 7) current
retail $32.77
Velleman K2032 3 digit panle meter (quantity 3) current retail $55.90
Velleman K4900 telephone amplifier (quantity 4) current retail $14.15
Velleman K1823 1 amp pwr supply (quantity 1) current reail $12.31
Velleman K4003 2 by 30 watt stereo amplifier (quantity 2) current retail $28.00
Velleman K2579 stop/start timer (quantity 1) current retail $ 13.38
Velleman K6001 temperature sensor kit (quantity 1) current retail $22.92
Velleman K7203 3-30 volt/ 3 ampere pwr supply (quantity 3) current retail $43.54

Cana Kit UK 193 20 watt bridged audio amplifier ( quantity 2) current
retail $35.90
Cana Kit UK 205 mini sine wave generator (quantity 2) current retail $17.95
Cana Kit R 290 2 by 35 watt RMS audio amplifier (quantity 9) current
retail $70.00
Cana Kit CK 161 10 watt amplifer w.microphone preamplifer (quantity 1)
current retail $22.95
Cana Kit UK 3405 + -- 5 volts/300 and 100 ma pwr supply (qunatity 2)
current retail $10.00
Cana Kit CK008 dynamic microphone amplifier (quantity 2) current retail $13.95
Cana Kit R146 advanced stereo tone control (bass/treble.volume/pan)
(quantity 1) current retail $26.45
Cana Kit CK 104 SQ 5 led VU display (quantity 1) current retail $12.95
Cana Kit CK 151 2.5 watt microphone preamplifier (quantity 3) current
retail $17.95

73 de N3RDX

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