[amsat-bb] Ragchewing AO-51

John Papay john at papays.com
Wed Dec 1 10:20:02 PST 2010

The recent time change from daylight savings to
standard time, coupled with the shifting of AO-51
passes over North America to much earlier morning times,
makes it possible to actually have a QSO on AO-51
that lasts longer than a few seconds.

All three morning AO-51 passes had only a few stations
calling in today.  It is possible to have a 10 minute
qso or roundtable that is normally only appropriate on
a linear bird.  Most of the morning AO-51 passes for the
last few days have been just noise.  I look at the recordings
and not seeing much voice audio, I don't put them on the
website.  This morning's passes are on the website and you
can tell it's very early.  Even KJ4CBC, who is a morning regular,
seemed a bit drousy.

Of course, morning is really the middle of the night for most
of us.  The passes today were at 0950z, 1129z and 1311z.  There
was an Atlantic pass at 0814z where there were no stations heard.

Daytime passes, of course, are a different story with 20 plus
stations trying to make contacts.  But you can take advantage of
those early morning passes and have some good conversation on FM.
Activity could pick up to the point where longer qso's are not
appropriate, but considering these early pass times, that shouldn't
be a problem anytime soon.  Set your alarm and the coffee pot timer.
Let's use AO-51 while we still have her.

John K8YSE

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